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Supanova Charters Limited - Terms and Conditions of Booking

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Our Terms and Conditions of Booking

  • Bookings are only accepted in the case of 'Whole Boat Bookings' by the advance payment of a deposit, or, by arranging a 'Rolling Deposit' (Favoured by Clubs and regular groups),
  • Bookings are only accepted from 'Individuals' by an advance payment in full
  • Balance payments to be made in Cash Only (No Cheques will be accepted on the boat)
  • Individuals trips will only be deemed to be viable when sufficient numbers have booked on.
  • Sufficient numbers for a individuals trip is currently set at 10. 
  • Prices quoted do not include tackle hire or bait (see our price list)


When a booking has been accepted by one of the above methods, a legally binding contract then exists between the person making the booking (The Customer) and ourselves (Supanova Charters),  Supanova Charters reserves the right to cancel the contract for any one of the following reasons: 

  • A bad weather forecast making the trip unsuitable for recreational angling to take place
  • Whether the forecast is 'Unsuitable or Not' will be at the discretion of "Supanova Charters"
  • A mechanical or electrical system failure of any of the vessels main operating systems
  • The Skipper or a crew member being unable to perform their duties efficiently due to ill health or injury
  • A passenger or passengers arriving at the boat that in the opinion of the skipper are unfit to travel or, are likely to put other passengers at risk (No refund will be given in these circumstances)



  • If the booking is cancelled by Supanova Charters we will offer a full refund, the decision to accept a refund or an alternative date will be at the customers discretion, this is  our "Money Back Guarantee".
  • In the case of whole boat bookings, should the booking be cancelled by the customer within 14 days of the date of the trip; No refund will be given.
  • In the case of Individual Places bookings, should the individual person cancel their booking then; No refunds will be given (This is to protect the remaining individuals on the trip, ensuring that the trip is still viable).
  • All cancellations by any customer must be in writing either by letter post or by email, in the case of email; this will only be deemed to have been received by an email response from Supanova Charters