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Meerkat Fishing Trips

On these pages you will find information on the types of fishing trips we offer such as, Reef, Sandbank, Bass, Wreck, Corporate Entertainment Days and more, if you don't find what you are looking for then please use our "Contact Us" page to make enquiries,
We hope you enjoy browsing our website, we have included many pages of information here for anyone who wants to find out about deep sea fishing trips out of Weymouth,

The Meerkat Boat

The Meerkat is an exceptionally stable vessel both at anchor and on the drift,
11 metres in length and 4.5 metres in width, she is a roomy boat.
She has a full galley, private on-deck toilet and plenty of comfy seating.

The Meerkat is powered by twin 200hp turbo charged diesels she will cruise very comfortably at 17 knots and will achieve 23 knots at sprint speed.

As a fishing platform, she is excellent, she makes very little fuss in the water due to her very fine entry bows and because she makes little fuss she is also a very dry boat even at speed in choppy waters!

WeymouthWeymouth Town Bridge

If you have never visited Weymouth before you are in for a real treat, Weymouth - The jewel in the Crown of the Dorset Coast has much to offer the visiting Angler, The area surrounding Weymouth is rich and diverse offering a multitude of opportunities and species for the deep sea angler,
Dorset is an exceptionally beautiful part of the South Coast of England and has been awarded the grand title of the Jurassic Coast as an important World Heritage Site.

For the novice sea angler embarking on their first fishing trip there is plenty of information and tips on this website, whether you are looking for a relaxing day reef and sandbank fishing for Plaice, Turbot, Brill, Bream, Pollack, Conger Eels, Huss, Tope etc. or looking for a days action fishing for Bass in the turbulent waters of the Portland Race or even a day out on the mid Channel Wrecks hunting for big Pollack, Cod, Ling & Huge Conger Eels,
All the information on sea rigs and terminal tackle is on the pages of this website,

For the experienced angler, Weymouth has it all,

We have some huge Plaice that cover the Dorset Blue Mussel beds in and around the famousBoat Record 7lb 12oz Plaice Shambles bank area, many specimens in excess of 7lbs are regularly caught on board the Meerkat, our current Plaice boat record stands at 7lbs 12ozs and during the later part of 2013 we lost a much bigger fish literally "At The Net" when the anglers 30lb braid line parted!

The picture on the left shows our lucky angler displaying the new boat record Plaice suspended on a set of electronic scales which are reading off at 7lbs 12ozs.

Plaice fishing is only one of the many types of fishing trips that we offer, the other fishing trips are numerous and include, but not limited to:


Crewman Andy with a 7lb 5oz plaice that was returned unharmed to fight another day..


  • Bass 
  • Bream 
  • Brill and Turbot 
  • Conger Eel 
  • Huss and Ray 
  • Pollack, Cod and Ling 
  • Species Hunts and Competitions
  • Tope 
  • Whiting
  • Plaice 

Safe and Stable

Meerkats Safety and Stability is the key to a successful days sea fishing, if you feel safe, secure and comfortable you are far more likely to enjoy your days deeps sea fishing, if you are looking for a good day at sea catching some great sea fish then you have come to the right place, The Meerkat Website, read on...